This book is an initiation portal.
Life-changing, transformational magic waits for you within these transmissions.ā 

The Priestess Transmissions
brings to us a powerful series of activations channeled expressly for this time to activate the uncorrupted blueprint so that it may awaken and emerge, once again.


For The Priestess Archetype

10 weeks of Isis-guided etheric mentorship for our


Hosted by Amron Bevels & Activations with JJ.

• The 2023 Spring Portal

Doors are now open.


We Begin March 12th.

Space is limited. 


* Light language is a form of spirit-led communication that bypasses the conscious thinking mind. Applied with the utmost delicacy, honor for your sovereign spirit, and humility. our light language transmissions are here to support the activation and the acceptance of your divine rights, divine inheritance, and uncorrupted blueprint. 




Certain aptitudes are emerging among women across the globe at this time.

These unusual propensities come directly from the Priestess archetype template.

They involve an understanding of deep mysteries that span the unseen elements, energetic and spiritual laws, conscious time travel, various dimensional realities and planes of existence.

They connect us deeply with who we really are as humans and beyond, our purpose, and the technologies that we carry within us.

Not all women are gifted psychics. Not all are intended mystics.

This book opens a portal to Priestesshood unlike any other so that these aptitudes may awaken, activate, and cultivate in alignment with your mission on Earth.