We are here as warrior leaders to support each other’s personal empowerment as we walk through this world and interface with the various energies available at any given time. ​​​​​​​​

A powerful part of our work here is to face, with open eyes, the mis-aligned, chaos-promoting “dark” agendas that exist at this time. ​​​​​​​​

We are here to help YOU recognize your degrees of impact and control as you navigate. ​​​​​​​​

We are here to strengthen your innate templating, whatever this may be within you, so that you can do your best work here at this pivotal evolutionary time on Earth. ​​​​​​​​

The Mystery School is where we are committing our support to you as you strengthen your own armor and sharpen your craft, your mission, your proverbial sword.​​​​​​​

We are here to claim the uncorrupted divine blueprint.

This is a space to:


✧ Strengthen your armor and sharpen your craft, your mission, and your proverbial sword.

✧ Hone your psychic giftings and your Soul Mission

✧ Identify, uphold and prioritize your desires


We are here to strengthen your innate templating, whatever this may be within you, so that you can do your best work here at this pivotal evolutionary time on Earth.

***Each phase of the Mystery School is a 3 month container.***


Your onboarding into the Mystery School includes: 

✧ High Level Energetic Attunement with Amron

✧ Initiation into our group Voxer private app chat space for quantum mentorship and daily activation


Throughout each month, we'll gather LIVE once a week for...


Pulling wisdom through a specific Energy Center for Psychic Development
(2 per month)


Focused on Commanding the Energy, Application,
& Energy Support
(1 per month)


For Integration
+ Current Events
+ Q&A
(1 per month)

You are choosing this experience for: 

✧ Deepening your connection to your mission.

 ✧ Accelerated psychic development.

✧ Reinforcement of your inner power. 

✧ Remote healing and energy work to support your body and field. 



We hold this circle as we deepen our devotions to ourselves and work. This applies to our inner work as well as to how we show up out in the world and manage the realities of the outside.

You are choosing this experience for YOU.



Dr. Amron Bevels

Shaman MD, Spirit Guide, Medical Intuitive & Soul Level Mentor; 
Here to ACTIVATE you into your Spiritual Leadership

"My work with Amron has been beyond anything I could have anticipated or imagined. Her intuition, experience, and divine guidance along the path I’m traveling have been invaluable. Amron has cleared the fog that filtered my view of this life and hindered my decision making process. She helped me to see my own potential and unlocked a higher power in me that has been waiting for her time to shine.  I am now on a path to a deeply transformed life— empowered, joyous, peaceful."

—Desiree F.


The Mystery School is enrolling NOW and our first gathering for Phase 3 is on July 18, 2022.


This experience is priced at $4444 (total) for the 3-month quarter.
Monthly payment plans ($1500/m) available & some sliding scale spots available, please inquire.

This is high level mentorship.
Please be ready to show up for yourself, do the work, and step into your self leadership.


Upgrades to mentorship, 1:1 Sessions, Remote Healing, or Energy work with Amron are available at special Mystery School membership prices


What are you waiting for?